Provisioning Worker Nodes

Length: 00:08:48

Lesson Summary:

In this video, we'll be picking up where we left off in the previous one, where we deployed our VPC infrastructure and created our EKS cluster.

Some of the topics we'll be covering in this video are:

  • Launching EKS worker nodes
  • Deploying the Kubernetes dashboard

Installing the Kubernetes Dashboard

kubectl create -f

Installing Heapster and InfluxDB

kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f

Create an administrative account and cluster role binding

kubectl apply -f eks-admin-service-account.yaml
kubectl apply -f eks-admin-cluster-role-binding.yaml

Start proxy

kubectl proxy --address --accept-hosts '.*' &

Get a token

aws-iam-authenticator -i <cluster_name> token

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