Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

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Time required: 1 Hours


In the following lab your job is to troubleshoot connectivity issues. Given the following scenario you will need to login to the lab environment and resolve the TWO configuration issues as it relates to the task at hand. You are running two EC2 instances inside of your VPC, currently you do not have a VPN or bastion host setup to your VPC so you must login to the instances using public subnets. You are attempting to setup a monitoring instance on one of your instances, this instance will monitor the second instance (it can be any instance). In order to do this you need to ensure that both instances can ping each other. Once the AWS configuration issues are solve you will need to login to the instance and attempt to ping the other instance. You can use internal or external IP addresses to test the ping. The two configuration items are listed under "Solution" DO NOT view this until you are ready to see the answers. Hint: There are TWO configuration issues Goals: Login to any single instance and successfully ping the opposite instance The ip address and connection information are available below. You can also connect by getting the IP details from within the AWS console. To connect to the instance the default username and passwords are located below.

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