Regaining Access to a System

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Time required: 1 Hours


Boot the system and gain access through the console to reset the root password.


In this lab, you will regain access to a locked system by resetting the root password using the console of an inaccessible virtual machine. 

Using your VNC client, connect to the IP address provided in the "SSH" section on port 5901. The password for the connection is "vncpass" without the quotes.  


One of the systems in your inventory needs to be accessed, but the root password was changed and is no longer known. You have access to the console however and can regain access by booting to a special mode.

Change the boot parameters for the kernel and gain access to the command prompt. Change the root password and notify the system to reapply security contexts on the subsequent system boot to allow the changed password to apply.

UPDATE: You must connect to this instance using a VNC client using a VNC program using the "Public ip address of public instance" listed above in the SSH section.

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