Process Text Streams Using Filters - Working with the Textutils Package

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Time required: 3 Hours


Explore various commands in the textutils package for processing text streams and filtering the results to standard output or redirecting to a file.


In this lab, you will follow along with the accompanying video to practice using a number of commands that allow you to filter text streams to standard output.

NOTE: You will be provided a number of files to use during these demonstrations, downloadable through GitHub (the first video will show you how).


1. Download the provided pre-created text files for use
2. Use the sort command
3. Use the nl command
4. Use the wc command
5. Use the expand command
6. Use the cut command
7. Use the paste command
8. Use the join command
9. Use the uniq command
10. Use the head command
11. Use the tail command

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