Initializing Network Connectivity

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Time required: 1 Hours


In this lab, you will utilize nmcli and resolv.conf to initialize network connectivity for an instance that is unable to access network services.


This lab will provision a Red Hat Enteprise Linux instance that will have a network interface, but that interface will be unconfigured and will not be able to reach any public network. You will use the appropriate network management utilities to configure both the network and DNS information in order for it to do so.


You must connect to this instance using a VNC client. Connect to the public VNC IP address on port 5901.

The password is "vncpass". 

To specify a port in VNC, you append the port like this:



A new virtual machine was provisioned in your environment with a 2nd network interface that remains unconfigured. You will need to assign an IPv4 address and subnet mask as well as applying a public DNS server and then verify the interface is available.

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