Building a Serverless Chatbot with AWS Lex

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Fernando Medina Corey
I’m Fernando Medina Corey - a data engineer and technical course author. I love prototyping applications with new datasets and explaining new technical concepts and tools to developers, data engineers and software architects. I also try to stay involved in my local tech scene and frequently speak and teach at meetups and events.


In this course, you will build out a serverless alerting chatbot application using AWS. We'll learn and walk through everything required to develop and deploy the chatbot using AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex and a few other AWS services.

You will work with AWS services that include AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex, AWS Simple Email Service, and AWS Simple Notification Service to create a chatbot that allows imaginary employees to trigger alerting procedures from a messaging platform. You will also see how you could integrate your chatbot application with the Slack messaging platform.

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The link to the Github page to download the code is:

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