AWS Security Essentials

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Trent Hayes
Trent has been an educator for twenty years and holds two degrees in education. He has taught many levels including high school, college, and adult education. He started his IT career ten years ago as a network engineer and spent several years working in a traditional data center before moving over to learning and teaching cloud infrastructure and technologies.

1. Introduction

2. Secure Global Infrastructure and Compliance

Exercise: AWS Global Infrastructure


Quiz: Secure Global Infrastructure and Compliance

3. Shared Responsibility and Trusted Advisor

Quiz: Shared Responsibility Model and Trusted Advisor

4. Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Exercise: Writing IAM Policies


Quiz: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

5. Encryption Essentials

Quiz: Encryption Essentials

6. OS-Level Access

Quiz: OS-Level Access

7. Data Security

Quiz: Data Security

8. OS Security

Quiz: OS Security

9. Infrastructure Security

Quiz: Infrastructure Security

10. Monitoring, Alerting , and Auditing

Quiz: Monitoring, Alerting , and Auditing


Quiz: Practice Exam


This course will prepare the prospective student to be more security minded with their architecture in AWS.  In addition, you will find that the subjects and materials covered within this course will also equip the student with the knowledge and hands-on experience with various AWS services dealing with encryption, monitoring, and auditing. 

Study Guides

Important Course Links

This file has the link to the course supplement, the AWS Acceptable Use Policy and to a couple of guides to further assist with SSH connections to instances.

DoD- National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual

Ther DoD standards referred to in the decommissioning data part of the course.

NIST- Guidelines for Media Sanitization

The NIST Standards referred to in the decommissioning data part of the course

AWS Security Best Practices Whitepaper

The whitepaper from AWS that discusses best practices for security.

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