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Course Introduction

Getting Started

AWS Essentials You Need to Know

Account Basics

Managing AWS Access with Users, Groups, and Roles

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Networking Services and Connectivity

Summary of AWS Network Services

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Compute Services

Compute Services Overview

Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)

Storage Services

Storage Services Overview

Storage Services

Database Services

Database Services Overview


Monitoring, Alerts, and Notifications

Overview of Monitoring, Alerts, and Notifications

Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Management Tools

Load Balancing, Elasticity, and Scalability

Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

Auto Scaling

Route 53

Serverless Compute


Course Summary and Conclusion

Final Steps


AWS Essentials is a course for those who are completely new to AWS. No prior AWS experience is required. We will introduce you to AWS, provide an overview of the core AWS services, and walk you through the process of setting up your own AWS account. Your learning will be reinforced with real-world scenario hands-on activities using our Live Environment, and quizzes will be used to help check your understanding of the presented topics.

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Join the Linux Academy community slack for chat here: and join the #aws channel.

Study Guides


Pinehead comic picture file. Use this file with the learning activity "Create an S3 Bucket, add an Object and Enable Versioning".


Simple text file names linuxacademy.txt. Use this file with the learning activity "Create an S3 Bucket, add an Object".


This is the bash script that is used for the learning activity on creating an Application Load Balance and Auto Scaling with Route 53. Copy and paste the contents of this text file when prompted in the learning activity.


Copy and paste the contents of this file into the learning activity when prompted. You will delete the existing role policy and replace the contents with the contents of this file.


Use this Lambda function when prompted within the learning activity. Delete the existing Lambda function contents and replace with content. This Lambda function will stop an EC2 instance.


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