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Course Introduction

Getting Started

Lightsail Fundamentals

Architecture and Getting Started

Scenario 1 : Wordpress

Scenario Introduction

Implementing Wordpress

DNS In Lightsail

Scaling Wordpress

Scenario 2 : The Community (Discourse)

Scenario Introduction

Implementing Discourse In Lightsail

Scenario 3a : MEAN Application

Scenario Introduction

Implementing MEAN in Lightsail

Scaling MEAN in Lightsail

Scenario 3b : LAMP Application

Scenario Introduction

Implementing a LAMP App in Lightsail

Advanced Lightsail

Advanced Lightsail Features

Finishing Up



AWS offers a wealth of features allowing an experienced architect, engineer or developer to implement systems to meet any need.

Amazon Lightsail compliments this flexability by providing a simple, cheap but powerful way to utilise AWS services.

Lightsail is suitable for a wide range of skill levels from beginners without any AWS experience to powerusers and developers who need to implement things in a fast and efficient way.

This course aims to teach the skills essential to get the most from Lightsail. It starts with basic concepts and concludes by teaching advanced functionality useful to those looking to achievethe most from the product.

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